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Why did I become a mortgage broker?

Friends asked me “Eric, You came to Australia at a mature age with 2 suitcases, picked up English from scratch. You had a very good corporate job, high and stable pay, you have done well property investing. If I were you, I would stop pushing myself and enjoy my life now. Why did you leave your job and start your business from scratch? Didn't you have fears? Weren’t you scared?”

Yes, I do have fears and worries, I do feel stress, but I fear more at the end of my life (in a few decades time) regretting things I could have done but never had the courage to take the risk and do them.

I do want to create a good financial future for my family, I do want to be a good role model for my kids to take challenges with fewer regrets.

So why mortgage broking? Years ago I met my mentor (who was my broker at the time), at that time due to the poorly structured loans, I was stuck, unable to expand my portfolio, and with very little financial buffer. He restructured my loans, and freed up lots of funds for me to expand my portfolio, and built up a good financial buffer. It was then I realised the difference between a good broker, who truly has my best interests in mind, and an ordinary loan writer/finder.

He also opened my eyes to see what I was unable to see for many years: “helping other people to achieve their goals and dreams while achieving my goals and dreams."

He told me “Eric, you can do it, go and  help others to achieve their goal.”

Running a business, there is no limit for growth, I can grow it as big as I possibly can. The challenges and growth were phenomenal. It feels like many years of life been condensed into one.

We only have our lives once 😊, why not live it to its full potential. Achieve the best and live a happy and fulfilling life.  

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