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When to Sell – Is There a BEST Season of the Year?

When to Sell – Is There a BEST Season of the Year?
Traditionally people sell properties in spring and it makes perfect sense – the
blooming gardens look great, the bright colours make visitors comfortable, and the
warm breezes blow our boring winter mind away. However, when selling a property,
we are trying to get the best possible price, and selling in springtime may not
necessarily always help us achieve our target.

When to sell a property largely depends on the market conditions, the location of the
property and the design and the quality of the property itself.

 Market condition
The thriving plants in the garden may make your house look better, however,
generally, there are more properties listed in spring for sale. The more similar
properties in the market in your area, the more options and hence negotiation power
the buyers hold, which may actually drag the price of your property down. On the
other hand, if you list your property in winter, you might be able to get a better offer
due to the relatively quieter market and fewer available choices.

 Location of the property
If you are selling a beach house or a holiday house near the coast, summer may be
the best season to sell. If your property is located in a cooler area, for example, close
to the snowy mountains resorts, then selling in winter could be your best choice.
Also, if your property is located near the area of certain monthly or annual events
where traffic and noise could impact on it, try to avoid open houses during these

 Condition of the property itself
If there are a lot of west-facing windows or glass sliding doors in your property, or it
is not airconditioned, it is better off avoiding open houses in hot summer afternoons.
However, if your house is landed on the lower side of the street where natural light is
blocked by other houses or trees, or the colour style of the interiors is dark and cool,
it might be wise to consider list it in warmer months rather than winter.

There are lots of other factors affect your decision of selling a property, such as
change of your financial or family conditions, your employment status or relocation.
There are many tips to help you achieve the best sale price as well, for instance, opt
the colours of your cushions, refurnish your lounge and bedrooms, or just simply turn
the heater or air conditioner on. No matter what your decision is based on, or what
tips you consider, don’t forget to do your own research and ask for professional
advice from your local real estate agent and work with your accountant.